Next Steps in A400M Certification: Grass Runway Operations


2015-11-03 As the A400M has entered into the Air Forces of several nations, certification testing has continued,

The most recent of which certifies the operation of the large aircraft on grass runways.

A400M grass

According to Airbus and Defence and Space:

Airbus Defence and Space has successfully completed certification testing of the A400M new generation airlifter on a grass runway.

The tests using the development aircraft MSN2 took place over a three week period at the airfield of Écury-sur-Coole in France in September and examined the aircraft’s behavior on grass and natural soil runways.

The A400M demonstrated excellent performance both in taxying maneuvers, such as U-turns, and during take-off and landing on the 1,500m strip.

These tests followed earlier successful results on the gravel surface at Ablitas in Spain and will be followed by tests on sand surfaces next year. The photo shows MSN2 landing on the grass runway