Italian Predator Taking Off and Landing


12/11/2015: Amendola Air Force Base, 32nd Wing, Puglia (Italy) 32nd Wing 28th Squadron is the Italian Air Force unit equipped with the Predators (MQ1 and MQ9).

As Lt. General Preziosa, the head of the Italian Air Force put it about the Predator “Enterprise.”

A final topic for discussion was the operation of Predator by the Italian Air Force, notably in Djibouti. 

Here the Predator enterprise (if one might call it that) had already shaped ways to share data, and the data sharing arrangements with Predator presaged some of the ways the F-35 fleet will also share data.

“Predator is an important building block moving forward in 21st century air operations, and our data sharing capabilities have provided crucial information to shape combat decisions.”