Belgian Air Force and the Baltic Air Patrol


02/25/2016: Four Belgian F16 fighter jets take on the role of guarding the Baltic skies.

The Belgian air force deploys its F16 fighter jets to cover the Baltic skies during the 40th rotation of NATO’s Baltic air policing mission.

Four jets have been deployed, operating out of Amari airbase in Estonia, with 50 personnel backing up the mission.

The operation will run until the end of April. Cockpit footage from Belgian F16 fighter jets showing barrel rolls and patrol flights.

‘Our mission here is to guard the Baltic skies. It’s a NATO commitment we have.

The plan is that we can take off very quickly to intercept aircraft which cannot fly into the NATO territory, in this case we are talking about the Baltic territory or the Baltic skies.’

 Credit: Natochannel:2/17/16