A Multi-Media Look at the Day in the Life of an F-35C Aboard the USS George Washington, August 15, 2016


2016-08-20  Todd Miller spent August 15, 2016 aboard the USS George Washington observing the seven F-35Cs onboard.

The USS George Washington (CVN-73) is hosting the F-35C in its final Developmental Testing cycle (DT-III) Aug. 14-23.

However, for a few of those days the two VX-23 “Salty Dogs” F-35Cs from NAS Patuxent River were joined by 5 F-35Cs from VFA-101 “Grim Reapers” out of Eglin AFB.

The 7 F-35Cs gathered on the deck of the USS George Washington represented the largest carrier contingent of F-35Cs onboard a large deck aircraft carrier to date.

The slideshow highlights some of his outstanding photo work (the photos taken from the deck which we have included in the slideshow as well were shot by a US Navy photographer).

We have placed three videos on Second Line of Defense as well, which capture the dynamics of the day in the life of the F-35-C.

In the video below, the F-35C is being brought into its hangar to be managed by the crew.

F-35 C Hangar Entry onto USS George Washington from SldInfo.com on Vimeo.

The second video below, Miller provides a view of the goings and comings of the F-35Cs landing and taking off from the USS George Washington.

F-35C Pilot Certification Aboard USS George Washington, August 2016 from SldInfo.com on Vimeo.

The third video below was produced by the Pax River team and provides a good overview on the day.

F-35C Flight Certification Aboard USS George Washington (CVN-73) from SldInfo.com on Vimeo.