F-35C Pilot Certification Aboard the USS George Washington, August 2016


2016-08-20 This video was shot by Todd Miller when he was onboard the USS George Washington on August 15, 2016.

The video shows VX-23 “Salty Dogs” and VFA-101 “ Grim Reapers” pilots and crew working on carrier qualifications.

The video shows 3 wires, touch and go and a great late wave off which was deck driven.

F-35C Pilot Certification Aboard USS George Washington, August 2016 from SldInfo.com on Vimeo.

According to Miller:

It was all business as planned.

Media probed for human-interest stories from the cadre of pilots on board, “What was it like, after all the simulator hours and practice landings at the airfield to actually land on the ship?

From pilots who had 50 traps with the F-35C to those who had just realized their first – they struggled to provide any other answer; “no drama, no surprise, performed as expected, very vanilla, pretty straightforward.”

No news.

“Any issues moving 7 F-35Cs around the deck at once, or reliability issues?”

No news.