Army and Navy Trials Aboard HMAS Adelaide: The Chinook in Focus


09/16/2016: Australian Army CH-47F Chinook first of class flight trials are being held on HMAS Adelaide to ensure the safe operation of the helicopters onboard Canberra class amphibious ships.

Cold weather aspects of the first of class flight trials have been conducted of the east coast of Tasmania, while hot aspects of the flight trials will be held in waters off Northern Australia during 2016.

Chinooks are Army’s medium lift helicopter and the flight trials are the culmination of a joint effort between Navy and Army. HMAS Adelaide is one of two Canberra Class amphibious ships used as Landing Helicopter Docks (LHD) by the Royal Australian Navy.

The ships provide the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with one of the most capable and sophisticated air-land-sea amphibious deployment systems in the world as the vessels can embark, transport and deploy military forces along with their equipment and supporting aviation assets.

The ships are equipped with modern Command and Control and combat systems including air and surface radar, advanced communications capability and surveillance systems.

Credit: Australian Ministry of Defense:9/14/16