Ocean Explorer Aero-Medical Training


02/26/2017: HMAS Adelaide is conducting Aero Medical Evacuation (AME) training off the West Australian coast during Exercise Ocean Explorer 2017.

AME is a vital capability to deliver best care to navy personnel, to ensure they can be retrieved from the ship to a shore facility for ongoing medical support.

Exercise OCEAN EXPLORER 17 (OE 17) is a major Fleet training activity led by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), and jointly-enabled by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and other nations’ forces.

The maritime exercise is one of the largest iterations of the exercise held in the West Australian Exercise Area (WAXA) area. OE 17 will be conducted over the period 13 Feb – 10 Mar 17 with the primary aim of conducting high-end warfighting training.

Credit:Australian Ministry of Defense:2/23/17