Neptune Falcon 2017


04/26/2017: According to BG Paul W. Tibbets IV, 509th Bomb Wing, in his weekly commander’s message published April 21, 2017:

This week our Total Force team has been fully engaged supporting Exercise Neptune Falcon.

This multi-day exercise enhances the proficiency of our talented tacticians and planners, Combat Mission Ready aircrews, as well as our maintenance professionals. Simply put, Neptune Falcon is the Rose Bowl of exercises for our operations and maintenance teammates.

For example, one night of the exercise involves half of our nation’s entire B-2 fleet … 10 aircraft … airborne at once!

During these 10 sorties, which average over 16 hours in duration, our aircrews operate over the Nevada Test and Training Range with additional forces to conduct a Joint interoperability exercise.

Most of our jets will refuel in the air twice to increase duration and to train with our tanker partners to support large force B-2 operations.

Ultimately, this is the most realistic training we get, and I appreciate all that our team has been doing to make this exercise a success … keep up the great work!


B-2s engaged in Neptune Falcon, 2017.


Video by Airman 1st Class Kristin Cerri

509th Bomb Wing Public Affairs Whiteman Air Force Base