Israeli Air Force Graduation, 2017


2017-07-12 In a recent article by Yissachar Ruas, the recent Israeli Air Force graduation was highlighted.

In a piece published on July 11, 2017 in the Aviation Photography Digest, Ruas noted:

“The last week marked another IAF graduation at Hatzerim AFB.

“This class, numbered at 174 includes two female aviators being designated for helicopter training and transport respectively.

“As is the local custom, the awarding of wings was followed by a short but very potent live fire exercise….

“This year’s demo commemorated 50 years since the 6 Day War, which saw the IAF launch a pre-emptive air strike against the Pan Arab Coalition of forces, staving off the annihilation of the Jewish state…

“Closing out the show was the IAF’s newest acquisition the F-35 showing off with a pretty exciting display.”