Israel Purchases Additional F-35s


2017-08-29 According to an article written by Yoav Zitun and published on Ynet News on August 27, 2017, Israel has purchased an additional 17 F-35s, bringing the total now to 50 fifth generation fighters for the IDF.

According to the contract, the planes’ delivery will be completed by December 2024.

“This is the third deal for F-35 purchases the Ministry of Defense has penned in the past decade alone,” said Dubi Lavie, the head of the Israeli delegation to the US.

“With every series of jets coming off the production line, the American manufacturer has committed to bringing the price for an individual plane down,” Lavie added.

“We’re happy to announce that on this particular deal, the American project manager has successfully negotiated with the manufacturing company to bring down the average per-plane price to below $100 million.

“This is a significant reduction compared to the planes Israel has brought thus far.”

In the first deal, Israel paid $125 million per plane for 19 F-35s in total. In the second deal, the price went down to $112 million per plane for 14 jets. Israel expects the price to drop below $90 million per plane when it approaches the US again for planes for a third flight squadron…..

Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman praised the signing of the deal, saying the purchase of “17 additional F-35 fighter jets is a significant and strategic addition of strength to the air force.”

“The F-35 squadrons are the pinnacle of technology, and will assist the IDF and air force in meeting the many security challenges Israel faces head-on.

“They are a central aspect in protecting the safety of the people of Israel along the country’s borders and even away from them,” he added.