Operation Vanuatu Assist 2017


10/12/2017: One of the largest ships in the Royal Australian Navy has arrived in Vanuatu to help with Operation Vanuatu Assist.

Loaded with an Army MRH90 helicopter as well as troops from Australia and Tonga, HMAS Choules is alongside the Island of Espiritu Santo.

RAAF C17 Globemasters have also delivered humanitarian aid and an MRH90 helicopter to the Island nation impacted by the eruption the Manaro volcano on Ambae Island

Over coming days, HMAS Choules ships company and the Ships Army detachment will begin distributing aid to remote areas of the Island nation.

Approximately 11,000 fled the Island of Ambae due to the threat of volcanic eruption.

Operation Vanuatu Assist is the Australian Defence Force’s contribution to the Whole of Australian Government response to the volcano crisis.

Australian Department of Defence

October 6, 2017