Defense.Info Website Launched April 18, 2018


Recently, we have launched a new companion website to Second Line of Defense.

Defense.Info is a website that provides cutting-edge analyses of global strategic challenges and developments as well as of defense platforms and systems.

We are taking an approach different from what we have done and are doing on Second Line of Defense.

There we are focused on the warfighter and support to the warfighter both in terms of current capabilities and new capabilities.

On new website, we are focused on the changing global strategic environment, and the intersection between that changing environment and the transformation of military and decision making capabilities in the US, among the allies and the non-liberal powers as well.

We will refresh the website completely in a 7-14 day cycle with each “weekly” posting providing a de facto magazine snapshot of developments of note.

We will focus as well periodically on publishing a set of pieces relating to a core topic such as the A-29 and related issues, going back into history and posing some tough questions concerning why we are doing this competition all over again.

We have two boxes devoted to partners, the first a Partners Corner, where we will republish key pieces from our partners and the second, a Williams Foundation Corner. where we will bring together the reports we have done for the Foundation as well as Williams Foundation publications.

This will allow for a one-stop look at what the Foundation has done and is doing to generate a broad look at the fifth generation warfare transition and effort unique among the allies, including the US as well.

We will focus on a key defense system, one at a time, and bring together in one place our work with regard to that particular defense system. In effect, we can provide a concentrated look at that system and provide journalists, analysts and our readers with a comprehensive look at key defense systems or capabilities as seen through our interviews on Second Line of Defense which are scattered throughout that website.

We are starting with the CH-53K as this is a key new system coming into the USMC and which is of interest to core allies, such as Germany and Israel, and we can provide support to policy makers in those countries looking at the new system as well.

We will provide weekly interviews and videos highlighting the most recent interviews we have done or gone back to key ones we have done in the recent past which highlight a key aspect of change either in the strategic environment or in the evolution of militaries to that strategic environment.

We will as well have a weekly comment section in which we will focus on a development of note, either of significance or of amusement in the past week or so.

And we will have an op-ed section which will highlight key issues which deserve comment. It is named in honor of our former colleague Danny Lam and the hard-hitting analysis of Lam is being honored here by continuing his tradition on our new website.

We are including special reports as well.  We will provide free reports which highlight key developments which we are doing on our various websites.

In addition, will produce on a regular basis featured reports providing in-depth analysis of key drivers of strategic change.  We will focus on significant developments, trends or policies which are generating strategic change in the global competition among the great powers.

Each report will highlight a key cluster of developments which constitute a driver for further strategic change with impacts beyond the country or sector facing change. We will draw together several crucial trends which are playing a reshaping function for generating further change in the global completion. We will draw implications for the United States as appropriate in each report with regard to the impact of the particular strategic driver for change being examined.

And we will as well do periodic reports on Strategic Drivers generated by the US which are impacts on allies and adversaries alike in driving fundamental change as well.

We will look at developments which together trigger broader changes in the global strategic completion. The world has become highly interactive and we will focus on a key factor or cluster of developments which together have consequences beyond themselves driving further change in the global competition.

How best to understand the nature of the strategic completion?

How best to position the West for effective outcomes in the completion?

What strategies can we expect from China, Russia and others and how will those strategies affect the reshaping of the military and the policy tools which the West is developing and needs to develop?

How best to position our companies to build the right products and capabilities to support the strategic redirection underway?

What strategic inflection points emerge from the impact of strategic drivers for change on the global competition?

What global developments, events and actions by leaders are driving what kinds of strategic inflection points?

And how do inflection points drive further change?

Each of our featured reports will focus on a specific cluster of developments which both reflect and drive further strategic change globally.

These reports will be available for download on our website and will be available to our readers at the cost of $12.99 per report.

These reports are intended to be read by the person who downloads the report and are not intended to be distributed freely thereafter.