The Dutch Ministry of Defense Highlights its Role in the Netherlands


The Dutch government has released a new White Paper on Defence.

In this video, the Dutch MoD makes its case about the importance of a close relationship between society and the military in terms not dissimilar to developments in the Nordic countries as well.

We are the Ministry of Defence. We are indispensable in a world of turmoil. We protect all that we as a nation cherish. We fight for a world of freedom and security, because we believe that everyone has the right to live in such a world. This is our mission, and it’s also the reason we participate in missions.

Many of us who choose to work for the Ministry of Defence do so because we want to make a difference for our country. It is a choice that has a real impact on us, on our families and on our friends. We are ordinary people, but when it comes to the crunch, we will lay our lives on the line.

The Netherlands is our base—we will always defend our country. It is in our Kingdom’s interest that other  countries are stable. That is why we work to secure peace, freedom and security both in the Netherlands and far beyond our borders. After all, our freedom begins with the freedom of others.

The armed forces take action when dialogue has reached its limits. We prefer to help to prevent war, conflict and injustice. Where possible, we do so without violence. But if necessary, we intervene with due force. Because sometimes words need to be backed up by force. That means we fight for freedom where turmoil reigns, and where it is peaceful, we keep the peace. Where disasters occur, we offer help.

We cannot do this alone. We do our job shoulder to shoulder with allies within the Netherlands and abroad. We help each other. Together, we carry out missions professionally, united by the same mission.

As long as war, turmoil, conflict, piracy and terror exist in the world, the armed forces are indispensable.

Because if we don’t do it, who will?