The French Air Force Participates in Pitch Black 2018: Supported by the A330MRTT


The French Air Force is participating in the 2018 Pitch Black exercise.

Rafales have participated before, but as these photos highlight, they arrived in Australia supported by the Aussie version of the A330MRTT, the KC-30A.

The French Air Force will soon operate its own A330MRTTs in support of their air combat force, and the working relationship between the FAF and the RAAF has been significant in preparations for the FAF to operationalize their first A330MRTTs.

The first photos show a French Air Force (Armée de l’Air) Dassault Rafale taxis after landing at RAAF Base Darwin in the lead up to Exercise Pitch Black 2018.

The following photos show French Air Force (Armee De l’Air) Dassault Rafales flying with a No. 33 Squadron KC-30A Multi Role Tanker Transport aircraft en route to Australia to participate in Exercise Pitch Black 2018 at RAAF Base Darwin, Northern Territory.

The photos are credited to the Australian Department of Defence and are dated July 24, 2018.