Finnish Defense Forces Buy Israeli Counter-Battery Radars


According to a story on the Finnish Ministry of Defence website, the Finns are procuring new counter-battery radars.

The Defence Forces’ Logistic Command has received a mandate, on 11.1.2019, from Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö to procure counter-battery radars for the Defence Forces.

The radar systems, training for the systems and spare parts will be ordered from the Israeli company ELTA Systems.

The new systems will provide the Army with capabilities to locate the opponent’s firing units and launch counter-battery activities.

The new capability will develop the Army fires while counter-battery activities restrict the opponent’s freedom to use fire power.

In addition to target acquisition for counter-battery activities, the modern multi-role radars can be used, at the same time, also for fire observing and air surveillance.

The Defence Forces invited international tenders and the selected system was tested in Finland in spring 2018.

It excelled in the tendering process and in meeting the requirements.

The radar system deliveries are scheduled for 2021; the contract also includes options for further procurements. Millog Oy and Telva Oy will be in charge of systems maintenance services.

Millog Oy is the Defence Forces strategic partner in maintenance and Telva Oy represents ELTA Systems in Finland.