New Report: Would You Actually Like to Kill Hypersonic Cruise Missiles Rather than Just See the Attack from Space


It is not just about getting better intelligence through space-based systems to have an historical record of what killed you.

It is about the kill web executing the kill function.

This report focuses on the way ahead now and for the five year period ahead.

The future is now; the threat is not just about the hypothetical world of 2030.

This report by Ed Timperlake looks at shaping a realistic way ahead now which can be built upon for the mid and long term as well.

It is not about wasting resources on legacy thinking or abstract long term concepts.

With the immediacy of challenges facing the US and its allies, it is about what the military can do now and in the next five years which are the basis for shaping realistic crisis management approaches.

Simply ignoring the fifth generation revolution is not a strategy but myopia.

Leveraging the revolution and shaping an ever more effective distributed kill web clearly provides both for immediate and long term benefits for warfighting as well as providing a solid foundation for force transformation.

Kill Web and HSCMs

For an ebook version of the report, see below: