European Update, April 22, 2019


We published a composite of our recent articles on European issues.

Murielle Delaporte provide an exclusive interview with the SACT Commander, and an overview on how the European Union is beginning to address the challenge of dealing with direct Chinese investments in Europe.

Pierre Tran dealt with the impact of the German embargo on European Arms Collaboration as well as the reach out by the French to operate in the Australian context, one where the challenge is co-development, not simply managing the rebuild of an existing French asset. He also continued his look at the French approach to FCAS.

Laird looked at the issues of nuclear deterrence and the challenges of dealing with the security challenges posed by 21st century authoritarian powers. He also review two recent books on the dynamics of change in Europe as well.

The articles by Murielle Delaporte, Pierre Tran and Robbin Laird cover the following issues:

European Update April 22 2019

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