MCAS Beaufort Air Show, 2019: A Photo Overview


In these photos credited to the USMC, the variety of aerial displays is highlighted.

According to a story published on Military.Com on April 30, 2019 and written by Oriana Pawlyk, the F-35B performance was highlighted:

The Marine Corps’ F-35B stealth fighter performed 12 different maneuvers over the weekend during the Beaufort Air Show in South Carolina.

Audiences were able to see the short-takeoff-vertical-landing variant engage in moves such as the pedal turn, in which the F-35 banks and climbs high, eventually simulating a somersault-like maneuver.

The show, which also featured the Navy’s Blue Angels demonstration team among other aircraft, marked the first full demonstration for the Marine Corps’ variant, according to manufacturer Lockheed Martin Corp.’s official F-35 Lightning II Twitter account, which posted the aerial display Monday.

The featured photo which shows future Marine Corps Aviators is credited to Second Line of Defense.