French Forces Work with the Marines on Sea Base Operations


The French and the USMC have worked together for a very long time. With the advent of the new roles for amphibious ships, the Marines and the French Army and Navy are working through new ways to operate from the sea-base.

In the Bold Alligator Exercises, the French have participated in the relearning which the Marines focused on what they referred to as their return to the sea.

Recently, the French brought one of their amphibious ships to North Carolina and the French and the Marines honed their sea-baed power projection skills.

In this video, the French Commander explained the approach.

Exercise Semper Thunder is a bilateral training exercise conducted between the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit and the Task Force Jeanne D’ Arc to illustrate the joint versatility and mission readiness between the French Naval forces and U.S. Marine Corps.



Video by Cpl. Heather Atherton 

II Marine Expeditionary Force