NATO Hub South


With the Southern flank of NATO and indeed Southern Europe in a period of significant change even upheaval, one adaptation by NATO to the situation has been to set up what it refers to has NATO Hub South.

In our forthcoming book on The Return of Direct Defense in Europe: Meeting the Russian Challenge, we have focused on the Southern Flank as the most contested part of European defense within which Russia and de facto the Chinese can expand their influence significantly in the years ahead.

In the video below, NATO explains its approach with regard to the hub.

It is crucial for the Alliance to promote stability beyond NATO’s borders and to build an understanding of potential threats which might arise in its vicinity. Stability in neighbouring regions leads to stability for the Alliance. NATO’s ‘Hub for the South’ focuses on concerns such as destabilisation, terrorism, radicalisation, migration and environmental issues, particularly in North Africa and Sahel, the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa and adjacent areas.

Opened in 2017 under the roof and lead of Allied Joint Force Command Naples, the Hub aims to enhance comprehensive understanding, situational awareness, decision making and information sharing. It communicates and works with other organisations that are tackling various aspects of the security complexities in the region, contributing to the shared goal of promoting peace and stability.

Credit NATO

August 9, 2019