Rapid Forge Refueling At Ämari Air Base, Estonia


U.S. Air Force Special Tactics Operators assess, secure, open and secure airspace for a forward arming and refueling point mission from an MC-130J Commando II to two F-35A Lightening IIs and two F-15E Strike Eagles during Operation Rapid Forge at Ämari Air Base, Estonia, July 25, 2019.

Special Tactics is a U.S. Special Operation Command’s tactical air and ground integration force, and the Air Force’s special operations ground force, leading Global Access, Precision Strike, Personnel Recovery and Battlefield Surgery operations on the battlefield. The MC-130J Commando II, and aircrew, are able to execute refueling missions in austere, sensitive or hostile territories.

The Air Force’s newest operational 5th -generation fighter, the F-35A Lightening II, provides unmatched lethality, survivability and adaptability to the warfighter.

Operation Rapid Forge involves NATO territories in order to enhance readiness and improve interoperability between U.S. allies and partners in Europe.



Video by Staff Sgt. Rose Gudex

24th Special Operations Wing Public Affairs