Chinooks and Seahawks Train with HMAS Canberra


One of the challenges facing the future use of the HMAS Canberra is the evolving nature of the threat in the region, which undoubtedly see the evolution in the ship’s capability to work with other air and maritime assets to work sea control missions as well as embarkation missions as well.

This is a work in progress for sure.

The USN-USMC team are reworking how amphibious ships fit into the wider range of maritime missions, and with the evolution of the technologies available to the fleet, there are significant options for the ship going forward as well.

We will address those options in later articles.

In the slideshow photos, flight training for the HMAS Canberra is highlighted.

Here the integration with the Seahawk was a major focus of attention.

Also, seen are Chinooks which come on board for transport for embarkation for HADR operations in the region as well.

These photos are credited to the Australian Department of Defence.

The featured photo shows NUSHIP Sydney maneuvering with HMAS Adelaide off the coast of Sydney, NSW.