Finnish Defense Exports, 2019


In 2019, the Ministry of Defence granted a total of 284 permanent export licences for defence materiel (257 in 2018). The total value of the licences was EUR 105 million, which is 40% lower than in 2018; then the figure was EUR 176 million. The value of actual exports decreased by 12% and was around EUR 113 million in 2019.

Most of the permanent export licences, in euros, were granted for fire observing and related alarm and warning devices, sniper rifles and their attachments and software.

In addition, several licences were granted, for example, to export defence materiel for warranty and maintenance purposes and, on a temporary basis, for demonstration and testing purposes.

Europe remained as the most important export destination. While more than two thirds of the licences granted were for exports to Europe, more than 75% of the total exports of defence materiel were to the European area.

As to individual countries where Finland exported defence materiel, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and United Arab Emirates ranked as the most important ones.  The most significant export items were vehicle components, patrol boats and protective materials.

The share of the Middle East in Finland’s defence equipment exports continues to decline both in terms of licences granted and in terms of actual exports. In 2019, only less than five per cent of the licences granted were for the Middle East.

Licence considerations are always made on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration national legislation and international commitments that are binding on Finland. Finland complies with the joint position of the Council of the European Union concerning the basis of licence consideration and the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

Licence applications are processed in a cross-sectoral export working group where the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is responsible for the foreign and security policy assessment.

This article was published by the Finnish Ministry of Defence on June 18. 2020.