The Australian Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise


“The National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise is an ambitious nation-building project that will deliver cutting-edge capabilities to the Royal Australian Navy while creating thousands of jobs and building Australian industry.

“The Enterprise is on track, with a modern new shipyard nearing completion in South Australia, patrol boats and Offshore Patrol Vessels under construction in Western Australia and South Australia, and the design of new Hunter class frigates and Attack class submarines progressing well.”

For our report on the Offshore Patrol Vessel program as a lead into the new approach to the Australian Shipbuilding Enterprise, see the following:

We have an upcoming book on Australian defence strategy and policy to be published this December.

Joint By Design: The Evolution of Australian Defence Strategy

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the prime minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, launched a new defense and security strategy for Australia. This strategy reset puts Australia on the path of enhanced defense capabilities.

The change represents a serious shift in its policies towards China, and in reworking alliance relationships going forward. “Joint by Design” is focused on Australian policy, but it is about preparing liberal democracies around the world for the challenges of the future.

The strategic shift from land wars to full spectrum crisis management requires liberal democracies to have forces lethal enough, survivable enough, and agile enough to support full spectrum crisis management.

The book provides an overview of the evolution of Australian defence modernization over the past seven years, and the strategic shift underway.