Wedgetail Nose Art


Airmen from RAAF No.2 Squadron designed and painted ‘nose- art’ on an E-7A Wedgetail whilst deployed on Operation OKRA in the Middle East.

The art commemorates the 50th anniversary of the downing ofthe No. 2 Squadron Canberra bomber, ‘Magpie 91’, on 3 November 1970 in jungle on the Laotian-Vietnamese boarder during the Vietnam War.

The RAAF E-7A Wedgetail aircraft returned to Australia in September 2020, following a successful year long deployment to the Middle East.

The aircraft was operating as part of Australia’s Air Task Group 630, performing airborne command and control in the skies above Iraq as part of Operation Okra.

Operation Okra is the Australian Defence Force’s contribution to the United States led Global Coalition to combat the Daesh terrorist threat in Iraq and Syria.

Australia’s support to Iraq comes at the request of the Iraqi Government and is closely coordinated with a broad coalition of international partners.