Tactical Innovations and the Next Phase of Viper Operational Development


The Viper is the expeditionary strike helicopter flown by the USMC.

The US Navy is in the throes of a significant transition to fighting as a fleet, rather than operating around classic carrier task forces.

One aspect of the change is reworking how the amphibious fleet can operate within the larger fleet to exercise sea control and sea denial.

The Viper is becoming an integrated asset through the addition of Link-16 and Full Motion Video.

This is part of the USMC’s digital interoperability initiative.

But it means that as an at sea force it will play a team role in counter-air and counter-surface ship operations as well.

The US Navy is in transition; the USMC is in transition and so is the Viper.

In the most recent WTI exercise at Yuma Air Station, this video highlights the Viper receiving gas in a FARP mode of operation.

The Viper can land at sea on virtually any ship to gas and go as well.

That is flexibility.