Trojan Footprint 21


Trojan Footprint is the premier Special Operations Forces exercise in Europe.

While the exercise is focused on improving the ability to SOF to counter myriad threats, it also increases integration with conventional forces and enhances interoperability with our NATO allies and European partners.

Most importantly, however, Trojan Footprint builds upon already strong relationships, grows trust and develops lasting friendships that promote European peace and stability.

Special Forces soldiers from North Macedonia and the U.S. honed their Close-Quarters Battle (CBQ) skills during Exercise Trojan Footprint 21.

Trojan Footprint 21 is Special Operations Command Europe’s annual exercise to demonstrate proficiencies, assess the readiness and lethality of our respective forces, and to continue improving interoperability with allies and partners. In North Macedonia, soldiers from the U.S. Army’s 10th Special Force Group and North Macedonia’s Special Forces Battalion, nicknamed “The Wolves,” are focusing on CQB and special reconnaissance skills, both of which they’ll put to the test during at two-day field exercise in North Macedonia’s Krivolak Training Area.



Video by 1st Lt. Robert Kunzig

U.S. Special Operations Command Europe