RAAF Wedgetails: Command Centre in the Sky


According to the Australian Department of Defence:

“RAAF’s six E-7A Wedgetails are best described as a command centre in the sky. Each is equipped with multiple radars and tech that allows it to scan and communicate with up to 80 aircraft and ground and sea units over an eye-popping distance of 4 million square kilometres during a single 10-hour mission. It’s an extraordinary ability for an aircraft modified from a simple Boeing 737-700, with a ‘hump’ on top.

“Operated by No. 2 Squadron and based out of RAAF Base Williamtown, the Wedgetails’ varied contribution includes fighting Daesh in Iraq, securing the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games as part of Operation Atlas and protecting world leaders at the APEC forum. Last year, the aircraft celebrated 10 years of RAAF service.”

The Wedgetail story is still a largely untold one, which we will highlight in later articles.