Australia and Indonesia Work Maritime Security


According to an Australian Department of Defence article published on October 24, 2021, Australia and Indonesia are conducted combined maritime patrols.

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) have completed a coordinated maritime patrol to enhance security along our shared maritime border as part of AUSINDO CORPAT 2021.

The five-day patrol conducted by Armidale Class Patrol Boat HMAS Ararat and TNI-AL vessels KRI Kerapu and KRI Sura was the eleventh iteration of AUSINDO CORPAT and reflected the enduring defence partnership between Australia and Indonesia.

AUSINDO CORPAT took place in the waters between Australia and Indonesia, with a specific focus on the deterrence of illegal fishing.

Commander of the Australian Fleet, Rear Admiral Mark Hammond, said the coordinated patrol demonstrated Australia’s enduring commitment to the Indo-Pacific region.

“Indonesia is an essential partner for Australia. We share security challenges and a firm commitment to a rules-based maritime order, underpinned by adherence to international law,” Rear Admiral Hammond said.

“AUSINDO CORPAT tested and proved our shared mariner skills, techniques and procedures and refined our ability to work together in cooperative maritime surveillance, security and interdiction.”

“By working together, we improve regional maritime security and promote a stable, inclusive and resilient region based on international law.”

The coordinated patrol was conducted in a contactless manner to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Featured photo: Armidale Class Patrol Boat HMAS Ararat (centre) sails with Indonesian Navy vessels KRI Sura (top) and KRI Kerapu (bottom) during AUSINDO CORPAT 2021