The Coming of the CH-53K: A Look Back at 2020 and 2021 Developments


By Robbin Laird

In this report, I have brought together my pieces (with one exception) on the CH-53K published since mid-2020. The one exception? II start the report with a NAVAIR press release about the event highlighted on the cover page photo.

All of these articles show steady progress towards the CH-53K coming into the fleet. The dates entered after the headline for the article are from when those articles were published either on defense information or second line of defense.

This new aircraft is part of the next phase of the transformation of the USMC, one which integrates sea bases, expeditionary bases, and land bases into a seamless logistical whole.

And such a capability is clearly necessary for shaping the way ahead. In a recent meeting and interview with logisticians in the Pacific, we discussed the core challenge facing the logistical system of the USMC in the Pacific.

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