Allied Resolve 2022 Exercise: Russia Brings Troops from Far East to Belarus


A major Russian military exercise with Belarus is part of the evolving Russian narrative to pressure Europe and the United States.

And this Russian broadcast on 18 January 2022 highlighted an interview with a Russian military expert that explained that it was about defending its interests against the “aggressive West.”

“Any Belarusian-Russian military exercise is always under the scrutiny of the West, but today it acquires special military and political significance.  When NATO is building up its contingent in Ukraine, the Baltic States and Poland, when there is an unprecedented external pressure on Russia and Belarus, the joint exercises “Allied Resolve-2022″ will show everyone that we are together. This was pointed out by the military expert, political analyst Ivan Konovalov.”

In an interesting article published by Defence24 on January 20, 2022, the Allied Resolve 2022 exercise is analyzed.

Excerpts from that article follow but the complete article can be found here:

The exercise is to be organized in two stages. The first stage, already underway and scheduled to last until 9th February 2022, envisages that elements and assets of units involved would be deployed to the “threatened” regions.

Security and defence schemes for important state and military infrastructure would be organized.

Air defence activities, within the scope of joint regional Belorussian and Russian air defence systems, would be intensified. A readiness and capability test for the assets involved is also scheduled to happen. Belorussian-Russian combat training air defence center would participate in the above.

The main portion of the exercise is scheduled to happen between 10th and 20th February.

During the exercise, the border protection would be reinforced, to prevent illegal infiltration by armed groups, and to seal off the arms, ammunition, and other assets delivery channels that could be used to destabilize the internal situation.

Another scenario of the exercise would involve search and destroy activities targeting illegally armed groups and enemy recon/SOF units. All of those activities would be taking place in parallel to standard training.

Undoubtedly, the involvement of Russian military units from the Eastern Military District is the most interesting piece of news here. This is the most distant (geographically) military district located in Asia. Deployment of those units to Belarus would be another test for the Russian supply chain and logistics….

The unannounced exercise fits well in the Russian propaganda narrative.

Yet again, the operation is to demonstrate the alliance of some of the former members of the Soviet Union, along with the rapid deployment capability for designated units. The Russian Armed Forces, dispersed within the vast territory, are continuously getting ready to gather in the designated theater.

This year’s deployment of units from the Eastern Military District to Belarus would be a show of force of the Russian logistics.

It is also to show that units from all military districts can be deployed to Belarus, close to the Polish border.

The opportunity to seal off the Belorussian-Ukrainian border thanks to the Allied Resolve 2022 exercise may be worrying – should Russia decide to take adverse actions against Ukraine.

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