Rapid Home Station Mobilization on Oahu: Pacific Response Exercise 2023


The 9th Mission Support Command (9th MSC) pioneered a Rapid Home Station Mobilization (RHSM) model in the Pacific utilizing its micro-garrison concept from June 1 to 5.

This mobilization was carried out as part of the Pacific Response exercise (PACRES) in Fort Shafter Flats in Honolulu, Hawaii to ensure the Soldiers in the Pacific are able to mobilize immediately in crisis, competition and conflict.

9th MSC Army Reserve Soldiers stationed in Guam, as well as the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI), also participated alongside those stationed on Oahu. During the mobilization, a total of 1,021 Soldiers successfully completed the Soldier Readiness Program within a span of just 4 days.

The purpose of this exercise was to support the rapid mobilization and posturing requirements of the U.S. Army Pacific, providing the Theater Army trained and ready forces and supporting combined arms maneuver in a multi-domain operating environment. Home Station Mobilizations are essential for ensuring the readiness of military personnel.

Conducting such mobilizations, the Army can maintain a high state of readiness and effectively respond to contingencies and other operational needs in the Pacific region.The 9th MSC, as America’s Army Reserve of the Pacifc, is an operational reserve command that is tailorable, scalable, and deployable in competition, crisis or conflict.


Video by Spc. Mason Runyon

9th Mission Support Command