Indo-Pacific Endeavour 23


Indo-Pacific Endeavour (IPE) is Australia’s flagship regional engagement activity, supporting the Australian Government’s commitment to investing in Australia’s regional diplomatic and defence partnerships.

IPE23 entailed activities across Southeast Asia and the Northeast Indian Ocean, reinforcing Australia’s commitment to a peaceful, secure and prosperous region.

The Australian Defence Force will visit 14 countries from 30 June to the end October 2023, with Defence personnel participating in military activities and engagement covering issues such as maritime law, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR), and Gender, Peace and Security (GPS).

In collaboration with the host nations, personnel will participate in military exercises, workshops, training, sporting events and cultural activities. IPE provides a practical demonstration of Australia’s commitment to building effective security partnerships in our near region.

Ships from the Royal Australian Navy, Army detachments and Royal Australian Air Force aircraft, will also contribute to exercises and engagement activities, allowing for information sharing and training opportunities.

Credit: Australian Department of Defence

16 October 2023