The Enterprise Requirements of an Australian Multi-Domain Strike Capability


On 27 September 2023, the second Williams Foundation seminar for the year was held at the National Gallery in Canberra. The second provided a case study of building blocks for enhanced deterrent capabilities, namely shaping a multi-domain strike enterprise for the ADF and the support structure for so doing.

At the outset of the Seminar, Air Marshal (Retired) Geoff Brown, the Williams Foundation Chairman, underscored the purpose and focus of the seminar: “Simply new weapons like Tomahawk will not by themselves give Australia a credible strike enterprise. All those weapons do not give you a long-range strike capability. We are focused on the requirements to build a multi-domain enterprise beyond the question of the specific weapons.”

This report presents the assessments of the ADF, PACAF, the head of the RAF, a number of Australian analysts and strategists.

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