MAWTS-1 Change of Command, May 3, 2024


By Robbin Laird

Ed Timperlake and I are publishing a book on the MAWTS-1 training center later this year.

As we note in our preface:

Training for military forces is in the throes of significant change. The threats are dynamic; there is always the reactive enemy; and technology fosters new ways to operate.

Concepts of operations are evolving, most notably as U.S. and allied forces are focusing on force distribution to deal with the higher end threats authoritarian adversaries are fielding.

We (Robbin Laird and Ed Timperlake) have visited the major training centers in the United States and several abroad as the state of the art of training is dynamically developing as well.

In this book, we highlight our visits to a major training center, MAWTS-1 located at Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma. This is a truly multi-domain training center and has been from its inception.

I attended the change of command at MAWTS-1 held on May 3, 2024. The day before I had the opportunity to take with two former COs of MAWTS-1 and then with the current and outgoing CO. Those reinforced the core point of our book — MAWTS-1 was founded as a center of excellence to training the trainers for the USMC and it continues to do so reinforcing a core capability for the USMC and the nation.

This article highlights the photos recently released by MAWTS-1 that highlight the ceremony. The first eight photos show Col Purcell’s last flight as the CO of MAWTS-1. The remainder highlight the ceremony.

A special one is the featured photo, namely of the past and current CO of MAWTS-1.

Currently, we have available my book which highlighted my visit to MAWTS-1 last year.