Re-birth of the Afghan Air Force: Options for the Way Ahead

02/14/2016:  It is clear that at the critical point in the initial destruction of the Taliban, that the United States could have avoided a full blown engagement in Afghanistan. The problem with occupying a country with such a radically different culture from that of the United States will always be…

First Ever All Afghan Air Crew C-130 Flight: The Take-off and Return

06/24/2014: The Afghan Air Force hit a huge milestone by completing the first ever all Afghan air crew C-130 flight June 16, 2014 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Their mission consisted of cargo, CASEVAC and PAX transport. The Afghan Air Force has been working hard the last 11 months with U.S. Air…

Handing Over Bases, IT Version

07/04/2012: More than a thousand U.S. Marines are about to leave a base in the south of Afghanistan. Delaram, in Nimroz Province, is being handed over to the Afghan National Army. ISAF Commander, Gen. John Allen, has been to see how the transition is going. Handing Over Bases, IT Version…

Operation Now Roz

Afghan-led Operation Now Roz with the UK Brigade Advisory Group. Afghan National Army improvised explosive device clearing operation supported by Brigade Advisory Group 34d Kandak, 215th Corps (Two Rifles Battle Group) in the Yakehal Valley, Helmand province, Afghanistan. Operation Now Roz from on Vimeo. Credit:RegionalCommand Southwest:3/20/12

Afghan Communications Systems

02/29/2012: Afghan National Army Communications Officer Talks About Transition to Encrypted Communications This video highlights the communication section with the 215th Corps, Afghan National Army. These Afghan soldiers analyze, maintain, test, and encode encryption into radios in order to field the corps with secure communications throughout Helmand province. The communication…

Romanian and French Army Advise Afghan National Army

04/01/2011 - French Army Capt. Michel Bastelica, from Corsica, and Afghan National Army basic warrior training instructor shakes hands with a student during class in Kabul Military Training Center Jan. 12. Mentors from many different countries play a critical role supporting NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan in sites throughout Afghanistan. [slidepress gallery='romanian-and-french-army-advise-afghan-national-army']…