Re-birth of the Afghan Air Force: Options for the Way Ahead

02/14/2016:  It is clear that at the critical point in the initial destruction of the Taliban, that the United States could have avoided a full blown engagement in Afghanistan. The problem with occupying a country with such a radically different culture from that of the United States will always be…

Latvian Mentors Assist Afghan Air Force with Maintenance

04/06/2011 - An Afghan air force airman and a Latvian mentor perform checks on an Afghan air force MI-17 helicopter on Kandahar Air Field in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Latvian mentors have been assisting Afghan air force with maintenance on their MI-17 helicopters since February 2011. [slidepress gallery='latvian'] NATO Training Mission Afghanistan; 3/15/11…

Mi-17 Sling Load

The Afghan air force and Combined Air Power Transition Force advisors conducted an operational sling load with the Mi-17 transport helicopter to Orgun-e flying 12,500 feet above sea-level and carrying a 3,200 lbs. crate, July 1. [slidepress gallery='mi-17-sling-load'] Credit: 43th Air Expeditionary Wing Location: KAIA, AF