An Overview on NATO in 2015: Cooperative Security

01/31/2016: The 2015 annual NATO report provides an overview of  NATO activities in 2015. Credit Video: Natochannel:1/27/16 For the complete report, see the following: 20160128_SG_AnnualReport_2015_en

Extended Deterrence and Assurance in Korea

Extended Deterrence and Assurance in Korea By Dr. Richard Weitz 07/06/2011 - The growing nuclear threat from the North Korea, the rising power of China, and the Obama administration’s policy of generally de-emphasizing the role of nuclear weapons in world politics has led some South Korean security experts to question…

Building Blocks for the Con-ops of Extended Deterrence of Iran

Dick Kugler has recently published an interesting examination of the tough question of how one would deter a nuclear-armed Iran.[1] ( He examines this from the standpoint of how the U.S. could spearhead an extended deterrent regime to deal with the emergence of a new nuclear power in the Middle East.…