Pacific Magazine: Exercise Koolendong 2016

09/15/2016: Exercise Koolendong is designed to increase the independence and security of our key partners in the Pacific Region. Marine Rotational Force Darwin (MRF-D), worked side by side with Australian and French New Caldonian Forces to improve interoperability. Video by Cpl. Paul Williams III:American Forces Network Pacific:09.08.2016

The Challenge of Defending the Littorals

2012-08-26 by Robbin Laird The Pacific is a big place. It often either not understood and not reflected upon the scope and nature of the Pacific region.  This is not the Mediterranean; this is not the Indian Ocean; this is not even the Atlantic. As Ed Timperlake put it clearly: The…

Pacific Strategy XII: The Role of the USAF

10/26/2011: As this rollout of a Pacific strategy for the United States in the Pacific has made clear, air power is not synonymous with the USAF.  Airpower is crucial at every level of establishing presence and shaping the building blocks of scalability.  Without aviation assets, the USCG cutters have very…

Pacific Strategy IX: Inserting the UCAS Into Maritime Operations

10/23/2011 - A key development for the evolution of U.S. Pacific operations will be the use of new remotely piloted vehicles as part of the C4ISR capabilities.  So called-unmanned systems are clearly not that; but are an important part of extending the reach and persistence of the strike and reconnaissance…

The President’s Asian Journey

By Harald Malmgren President Obama in China (credit: The White House, November 2009) As President Obama began his Asian journey, his White House aides said he viewed China as “America’s most vital partner in tackling the globe’s most intractable issues.”  The President himself said  “We meet at a time when…