Memphis Belle-Restoration Update Jan. 2018

1/10/2018: National Museum of the USAF Restoration Specialists completed the installation of the Boeing B-17F Memphis Belle flight controls. Memphis Belle-Restoration Update Jan. 2018 from on Vimeo. This video includes interviews with museum curator-Jeff Duford, and museum restoration specialist Casey Simmons. Recorded/Produced by museum public affairs specialist Ken LaRock.


Remembering the Cactus Air Force While the Green Knights Move Out in Today’s Pacific

09/10/2017: On August 20, 1942, the first allied air units, to include 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, landed at Guadalcanal. They became known as the “Cactus Air Force,” one of the most innovative, hybrid units of WWII. By September 11th, 1,014 aviation personnel were operating on Guadalcanal. Of these, 33 were Army,…

Clearing a Solomon Islands World War II Munitions Cache

10/08/2016: Royal Australian Navy clearance divers hauled in over 3.5 tons of WWII munitions from the ocean in the Solomon Islands in a single morning during Operation Render Safe in September. The Australian Clearance Diving Team One found 82 United States 155mm high explosive projectiles off Guadalcanal just 50 meters from…