Heroux-Devtek says F-35 fighter jet sales will be stable in coming years


By: Ross Marowits, The Canadian Press

MONTREAL – Heroux-Devtek expects of its production of landing gear for the F-35 jet fighter will remain stable for the next few years before taking off due to international orders.

“For the next two to three years there’s somewhat limited growth but after that period we see some strong growth on the F-35 program as international sales start to show up and the U.S. also buys more airplanes,” CEO Gilles Labbe said Friday.

Some industry experts had anticipated that deliveries might decrease this year as countries reassess their participation in the much-discussed and expensive planes.

But Labbe said he expects deliveries of landing gear will be unchanged at about 42 units this fiscal year.

“It’s not if, but when, on the F-35 the ramp-up will happen.”