The F-35: Built with Gear-Heads in Mind


The F-35 JSF was designed from conception to be easily and cost effectively maintained.

It has been built with parts arranged in a modular fashion, with ninety-five percent of the field serviceable parts being “one deep”.

In addition, the radar absorbing skin is easier and more cost effective to maintain than previous aircraft.

What I find amazing is that when the plane comes in for service, it can tell ground crews what parts or fluids needs to be replaced, and order them automatically via network connection.

The Plane of Brotherly Love

The Joint Strike Fighter program is truly a joint program between our Air Force, Navy, and Marines; along with the respective service branches of eleven participating nations. All pilot and ground crew training worldwide will be conducted together in one location. This allows for “cross talk.” between the pilot and maintenance trainees, which is expected to provide a richer educational experience.

The pilots and crews will be jointly deployed, with all three participating service branches being based together.

Taken from Motorfest Magazine 2012.