A Coming Improvement of Handling of Ship Cargoes: The SSARS System


2013-04-20 Sometimes great innovations come in small packages.  Such is the case with the development of a new technology to move cargo and make it available selectively to mission needs.

The new SSARS technology is such a case.

A USMC Combat Development Command look at the potential impact of the SSARS system. 

SSARS is a remotely-control, omni-directional, battery-powered system which can engage, lift and move tracked & wheeled vehicles and ISO containers.This is an “unmanned” system one can believe in!

The program has been funded as a USTRANSCOM Science and Technology program.

According to TRANSCOM: “This system overcomes the challenge of the rapid movement of heavy cargo and equipment in confined spaces aboard sea based platforms to enable at se arrival and assembly operations. EAS was initially developed as a cargo handling system to move containers on the Joint High Speed Vessel. EAS will reduce load times, maximize use of available stowage areas and enable the selective access to mission essential items.”

The SSARS will save manpower and reduce capital investments in such items as complex legacy type material and container handling systems.