Secretary Wynne Visits the 33rd Fighter Wing


09/07/2013: On September 4, 2013, Secretary Wynne visited Eglin and the 33rd Fighter Wing. 

The man who crafted the concept of the fifth generation aircraft saw first hand the progress at Eglin and re-affirmed the impact of critical mass at Eglin in rolling out new capabilities.

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Credit Photos: Second Line of Defense 2013

  • In the first photo, Col. Canterbury, the CO of the Wing, greets Secretary Wynne.  The CO provided an overview on progress at the Wing and then Secretary Wynne provided a strategic look at the roll out of 5th generation warfare.
  • In the second and third photos, Wynne goes to the maintenance classroom.  Here he learned that the quality of the training allowed the maintainers to execute their mission well when they go to the flight line.  He suggested that the digital quality of the program could later be transformed into a global network and distribution system.
  • In the fourth photo, Wynne visits the weapons loading training area.  The training machines free up aircraft so that training does not take away from the operational time of the aircraft.
  • In the fifth photo, Wynne is seen in the F-35 cockpit.
  • In the sixth photo, Col. Canterbury explains the innovations and improvements, which the new seat provides for the F-35 pilot.  Wynne explained to the Col. and his team, that the Russians provided an important lesson learned with regard to the seat, which has been incorporated into the program.
  • In the seventh photo, Wynne is briefed on the helmet and flight suit for the F-35 and the important improvements provided by the helmet.
  • In the eighth and ninth photos, Wynne is briefed in the USAF hanger about low observable maintenance for the F-35.  The F-35 provides significant advances in maintainability for LO.
  • In the tenth and eleventh photos, Wynne visits the USN and USMC squadrons and gets briefed on the aircraft and the training approach.
  • In the twelfth photo, Wynne sits down with Lt. Col. Berke and they discuss his time in the F-22, enabled by Wynne, and the progress in the fifth generation revolution.  They had never met prior to this visit.
  • In the final photo, the PAO for the Wing, Major Karen Roganov and Secretary Wynne stand in front of the entrance to the Warlords training facility.

Wynne on Distance Learning

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