33rd Fighter Wing Returns after Red Flag 17-3

08/17/2017: After the 33rd Fighter Wing participated in Red Flag 17-3, the Nomads returned home to be greeted by friends and family. This Red Flag saw F-35Bs and As flying together as a key element of the exercise. 07.29.2017 Video by Senior Airman David Scott-Gaughan 33rd Fighter Wing/Public Affairs  

F-35s Fly in Checkered Flag Exercise

12/18/2015:  The F-35A Lightning II from the 33rd Fighter Wing, Eglin Air Force Base, at Tyndall Air Force Base is seen flying in support of Exercise Checkered Flag 16-01. Checkered Flag is a large-force exercise which simulates the employment of a large number of aircraft and is an opportunity to highlight…

F-35 Academic Training Center: A Video Overview

07/16/2015: Second Line of Defense visited the 33rd Fighter Wing prior to any Academic Training Center (ATC) being built, let alone functioning. The video produced by the 33rd Fighter Wing shows the ATC operating today and several of the activities conducted at the ATC. The students in the classroom and…

RAF and Dutch Operations at the 33rd Fighter Wing

07/16/2015:In this video, the RAF is seen during some operational training with the USMC at the 33rd Fighter Wing at Eglin AFB. Group Squadron Leader Nichols explains the approach. Also shown in the video are the Dutch engage with the USAF on the F-35A. And as Nichols explained in our…

South Korean Air Force Visits F-35 Eglin Facility

09/08/2013: In the Fall of 2012, the South Korean Air Force visited the 33rd Fighter Wing.  In this slideshow, several photos highlight aspects of that visit. [slidepress gallery='south-korean-air-force-visits-f-35-eglin-facility']  Credit Photos: 33rd Fighter Wing

Secretary Wynne Visits the 33rd Fighter Wing

09/07/2013: On September 4, 2013, Secretary Wynne visited Eglin and the 33rd Fighter Wing.  The man who crafted the concept of the fifth generation aircraft saw first hand the progress at Eglin and re-affirmed the impact of critical mass at Eglin in rolling out new capabilities. [slidepress gallery='secretary-wynne-visits-the-33rd-fighter-wing'] Credit Photos:…

Looking Back on the Career of “Turbo” Tomassetti

06/26/2013: The bio of Col. Tomassetti follows but directly below are photos, which show moments in his career. [slidepress gallery='tomassetti'] Credit:  The first photo is from 1986 at the time of his graduation from USMC Officers Basic School.  The second and third photos are from 1987 and 1988 during flight…

First UK Royal Navy Student-Pilot Flies F-35

04/14/2013: First UK Royal Navy student-pilot flies F-35  [slidepress gallery='first-uk-royal-navy-student-pilot-flies-f-35'] Credit:33rd Fighter Wing Public Affairs By: Maj. Karen Roganov 4/10/2013 - EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. The first United Kingdom Royal Navy student aviator at the 33rd Fighter Wing, training to be an F-35B Lightning II instructor pilot, completed his first sortie…