RAF and Dutch Operations at the 33rd Fighter Wing


07/16/2015:In this video, the RAF is seen during some operational training with the USMC at the 33rd Fighter Wing at Eglin AFB.

Group Squadron Leader Nichols explains the approach.

Also shown in the video are the Dutch engage with the USAF on the F-35A.

And as Nichols explained in our interview with him at MCAS Beaufort, the Brits will fly with the Dutch and because of the common combat systems, whether it is a B or an A they will provide an integrated air asset for combatant commanders.


Interestingly, the Air Force spokesman seems to agree with Second Line of Defense that the USAF should fly F-35Bs as part of its fleet after characterizing the F-35B as the latest USAF aircraft!


 We should note that the Italian Air Force is in fact going to fly both the As and Bs.

As Lt. General Preziosa put it:

“We studied the issue carefully and for the kind of missions we face we needed the flexibility which the B can add to the fleet.  We need to go to the mission not the airfield.  We will operate in many areas where there are only short runways; the B allows us to operate in those conditions.

We can mix the fleet and operate at sea on land, on our own ships or own others.  It is the kind of flexibility, which we see as crucial to a 21st century setting.

I will give you an example of what we don’t want.  We planned to operate with the USMC in Afghanistan.  But we were three months later in the deployment than we intended because our Tornados could not operate in the same conditions as the USMC.  We had to take three months to build out the air base from which we would operate with them.

Time is crucial to many of the missions in which we will be engaged.  The Bs give me a more rapid insertion aircraft.”

Credit: 33rd Fighter Wing:7/14/15

A Dutch F-35 is show from a December 2013 video as well in the latter part of the overall video, this is Fighter F-001.