Visiting MAG-31: An Update on the Warlords

06/07/2015: On May 19, 2015, a week before visiting the USS WASP and meeting with the crew and pilots doing the operational trials aboard the ship, the Second Line of Defense team went to MCAS Beaufort to discuss the progress made with the Warlords after moving from Eglin. We had…

Eglin F-35s In All Three Variants Fly Joint Training Sorties

12/12/2013: A Marine F-35B Lightning II breaks left out of a formation flight with United Kingdom F-35B aircraft over Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., Dec. 4. The joint-program reached a new single-day record for F-35 sorties Dec. 4 with 45 training missions between all three models of the aircraft. The…

F-35B Hot Pit Refueling

09/08/2013: This past May, the Marines practiced hot pit refueling at Eglin.  This is a technique to generate more combat capability through a ramp up of sortie generation rates. One might note the seamless engagement of a UK pilot in the exercise.  Hot pit refueling is a procedure usually performed…

South Korean Air Force Visits F-35 Eglin Facility

09/08/2013: In the Fall of 2012, the South Korean Air Force visited the 33rd Fighter Wing.  In this slideshow, several photos highlight aspects of that visit. [slidepress gallery='south-korean-air-force-visits-f-35-eglin-facility']  Credit Photos: 33rd Fighter Wing

Secretary Wynne Visits the 33rd Fighter Wing

09/07/2013: On September 4, 2013, Secretary Wynne visited Eglin and the 33rd Fighter Wing.  The man who crafted the concept of the fifth generation aircraft saw first hand the progress at Eglin and re-affirmed the impact of critical mass at Eglin in rolling out new capabilities. [slidepress gallery='secretary-wynne-visits-the-33rd-fighter-wing'] Credit Photos:…

F-22 and F-35 Flying at Eglin

09/06/2013: In this slideshow, the F-35 and F-22 are seen flying together at Eglin AFB.  These photos were shot on September 9, 2012 and are credited to Major Karen Roganov, Team Eglin PA, 33rd FW and Sgt. Jeremy Lock. [slidepress gallery='f-22-and-f-35-flying-at-eglin']    

Sorties 199 and 200 for the F-35 At Eglin AFB

2012-08-28 These photos were taken on Friday August 24, 2012 during sorties number 199 and 200.  Major Mike Roundtree flew 199, and Lt. Col. Joseph Bachmann 200. We will publish interviews done with both pilots after their flights in the near future. In a press release from the 33rd Fighter…

Multi-National Training: The Entry into Service of the A400M

6/11/12: By Robbin Laird One of the more interesting presentations at the Airbus Military Trade Media Brief 2012 was by the head of training at Airbus Military. Ian Burrett, Head of Training and Aircrew Operations, Customer Services, provided an overview of the approach and the standing up of the baseline…