Planes Operated by the EAG Air Forces


11/26/2014: As a multinational organization thinking through the evolution of airpower, a key challenge and opportunity is to shape interoperability and convergent concepts of operations among a fleet of different types of aircraft.

In this slideshow, some of these aircraft are highlighted.

  • In the first photo, Royal Netherlands Air Force Lt. Col. Marten “Jimi” Hendriksma, of Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands, commander, Air Task Force-17, based out of Volkel of Airbase, the Netherlands, taxis down the flight line in an F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet before conducting a mission from Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. The Dutch air force conduced reconnaissance missions and provides close-air support to assist International Security Assistance Force elements throughout Afghanistan. 7/11/11
  • In the second photo, two German Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons wait to launch from the runway June 4, 2012, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. This was the first time the Typhoons have participated in RED FLAG-Alaska 12-2. The GAF arrived early to become familiarized with the airspace and prepare for RF-A. 6/4/12
  • In the third photo, a Russian Bear ‘H’ aircraft was photographed from an intercepting RAF Typhoon with another Typhoon tailing it on 29 October. The number of Eurofighter intercepts has gone up by a factor of three over the past few months. Credit: The Independent. A Spanish Typhoon is seen in flight in the fourth photo. Credit. Spanish MOD.
  • A French A400m is seen at its Orleans base in the fifth photo. Credit: Murielle Delaporte.
  • A French Air Force C-135FR is seen refueling a RAAF A330 MRTT (KC-30A) in the sixth photo. Credit: Airbus Defence and Space.
  • In the seventh photo, an Italian tanker is seen in a refueling operation. Credit: Italian Air Force.
  • In the eighth photo, two C-130 Hercules from the Belgium air force’s 20 Squadron taxi on the flightline Feb. 2 after completing a mission in Red Flag 11-2. The C-130s deployed from Melsbroek Air Base, Belgium, to participate in the combined exercise that provides a realistic combat training environment to the U.S. and its allies. 2/2/11
  • In the ninth photo, a French Rafale fighter is seen in flight. Credit: FAF.
  • The 10th and 11th photos show UK F-35s in operation. Credit: Lockheed Martin.
  • And the 12th and 13th show the first two Dutch F-35s.  Credit: Lockheed Martin.
  • And the final photo shows an Italian Air Force Tornado taking off from Uvda Air Force Base, Israel, during the Blue Flag exercise Nov. 26, 2013. 11/26/13