UK F-35B and Carrier Integration: An F-35B Pilot Looks at the Way Ahead


2014-12-17 Recently, we published an interview with Group Captain Paul Godfrey, one of the senior RAF officers involved with bringing the F-35B into service with the UK armed forces.

A key aspect which he highlighted was the cross-fertilization of the force by bringing both the F-35B and the new class of carriers on line at approximately the same time.

I think we (the UK) have a huge advantage as both of these capabilities — F-35 and Queen Elizabeth Class — were designed with each other in mind from the very beginning.

The video below was produced by BAE Systems and highlights some of the cross-fertilization.

In the video,  F-35 Pilot Peter Kosogorin talks from the deck of the QEC Carrier.

Further discussion by this pilot can be read below:


And the graphic below highlights the BAE perspective on the integration effort: