Italy Provides Humanitarian Aid to Nepal via KC-767


2015-05-02  Late in the evening of April 29, 2015, an Air Force transport KC-767 aircraft  took off  from Pratica di Mare directed to Nepal, carrying a medical,  technical and operational task force sent by the Italian Government to provide humanitarian aid to the Nepalese people in the aftermath of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake of 25 April.

Army medical experts from Rome Celio Military Hospital have also embarked on the aircraft, together with military from the Joint Operational Headquarters and officials from the Crisis Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The latter will join the team  that has been working in Nepal since April 27 to repatriate our fellow-citizens.


The Italian Air Force Boeing – scheduled to land at Kathmandu airport tomorrow, early in the morning- is also carrying an Advanced Medical Post (PMA) made up of five tents, triage and service facilities, technical equipment and a container with twelve self-standing tents.

The PMA includes an area where patients can be stabilized, an emergency post, stretchers, X-ray an d echography equipment, orthopaedic advice, an operating room and an area dedicated to patients waiting to be transferred to different hospitals.

The medical team, provided by Pisa Emergency Surgery Department, includes emergency  specialists, surgeons, anaesthetists, orthopaedists and paediatricians.

The task force will join the Italian experts that arrived in Nepal on April 27 to work with UN and local authorities in order to provide the best possible support to the people of Nepal and prepare for the arrival of technical and medical teams. Meanwhile, an Air Force C-130J took off from Al Bateen (UAE) air base to rescue our fellow-citizens affected by the consequences of the earthquake.

Moreover, a team of European experts arrived in Kathmandu this morning. Members of the team include a structural engineer of the Italian Department of Civil Protection tasked by the Directorate General of Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection of the European Commission to support local authorities in  assessing severe structural and general damage caused by the earthquake.